April 29th, 2018

love kame

Kame's Project 2018

Let's flail over our beloved kame!!

Kame's project 2018

Write your thought/opinion/feeling about Kame for each theme. There are 32 themes as now Kame is 32 years old 😄. The longer you write is better and fun!  Just pour down your love for Kame in your writing. There’s no limitation for words XD
Note: Please also put your favorite of Kame's picture which represent each theme!

The example :
32. Image

At first Kame had haters which only judging him from his cover, not bothering to know who he actually is. Slowly, people who usually hate, ignore, or even don't know about him, now recognize him everywhere because of his good attitude, skills, work ethic, sportman, and even the idol Kamenashi Kazuya. His image is so clean and inspiring. many people is no doubt fond of him like I fall for him even until now. However, image is not his everything. His inner and outside beauty are the ones creating his image in everyone eyes and hearts.

This is the 32 themes 😄
MediaFire link: Kame Project 2018.docx

Until the deadline I will post the submitted writing each day and hide your name, hehe, so we can enjoy your writing and wonder whose writing it is XD It’s fun, right?

The deadline is on July 1, 20 18 on August 4, 2018(I extend it ^^) . Send your writing through LJ PM.

The polling starts on August 11, 2018
The result is on August 15, 2018

The 1st winnerwill get KAT-TUN's New Single - Ask Youself [Regular Edition]!!! Thank you meeii *hugs attack*

The 2nd and 3rd winnerswill get Kame Calendar made by me that will be sent on August 23, 2018  via LJ PM. The calendar is for computer, not in paper, I hope you don’t mind :) (They can choose 12 pictures for the calendar. Just send them in a .rar folder to my LJ PM.)
The examples of the calendars can be downloaded here:

Thank you 😘
I hope you wanna join the fun 😆
And let's spread Kame's love ❤🐢

This is actually from kame's 31st anniversary project 2017. For hyphens Indonesia who joined this project last year, you can join this year too coz I add the theme number 32, and you can change your entry into English! Will wait for your participation to color more of this project ❤