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Entry No. 18 of Kame Project 2019

Kame Project 2019

Let's enjoy reading the entry No. 18 and don't be shy to flail about Kame too XD

Kame, is like a large ocean that the more you get to know about him, you find out the less you actually do. Thanks to Kame, I know KAT-TUN and love the way he cares about the band. I love how he thinks of it and hyphens as family members and tries to keep the band together with fans.

I just looked at these pictures and tried to write something, as I was told to. But I noticed that I had the same feeling for all of them. I call that feeling "亀梨和也".  This feeling so deep in my heart gives me joy, strength, confidence, creativity, and etc. To be honest, I live in a dead world. Months ago in this disappointing atmosphere, when I was almost dead inside, tolerating depression, I found Kame. He, despite being just a human being with all losses and weaknesses, showed me the real power of passion, art, and hard working. Everyone would approve that he looks cool and sexy on the outside. But that wasn't the first thing about him that got my heart. In my dark world I found his lively eyes and smiles. I saw him weeping, laughing, dancing, singing, and acting as it was like no one has done it before. I can see art flowing through anything he does.

I'm not Japanese to see him on TV or go to his concerts. I can't ever buy anything relating to him like posters, albums, etc. That hurts a lot and I have envied others a lot; but I will never stop loving him for the rest of my life. Kame has a philosophy which I also try to use in my life: to be faithful to yourself. Facing everything straight without illusions.

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