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Entry No. 17 of Kame Project 2019

Kame Project 2019

Let's enjoy reading the entry No. 17 and don't be shy to flail about Kame too XD

Kame’s smile is one of his best qualities. It’s like the first ray of light in the morning that gives to get up and face the day. His smile is like the first glimmer of the sun after the storm and a fresh breeze on a hot day. Most of all Kame’s smile lights up the mood, chases away sadness and tears, gives strength. Finally, his smile is contagious and it’s impossible to be indifferent to that smile.

Kame and his face expressions. Since Kame is very emotional it’s easier for him to show us so many different faces. His expressions as well as acting make him credible. He has already done so many photo shootings in his life. A lot of it quite freely but there is so many photo shoots with a theme or story behind and Kame is so convincing. Personally I think that most of all it’s about his eyes. He is able to convey so much just with his eyes. It’s also about empathy, being able to understand others. All that and his talent for making faces give us a great model to admire.

Lives especially tours are what Kame loves the most about being an idol, I think. He always gives his all when on stage and sometimes it looks like he gets lost in his stage persona. He always has so much energy and he can interact with fans on so many levels. Of course we can’t forget about his solos. It’s never just another song when it comes to Kame’s solos. It’s always a story not just lyrics. No matter if it’s big and epic like 1582 or simple yet beautiful like ずっと. Kame gives life to his solos.

It’s been already over 11 years since Kame and KAT-TUN caught my attention and heart. Kame was almost 22 years old when I got to know him and it makes me proud to witness his change and growth. I hope there are still many things that Kame will surprise us with in the future and I’m looking forward to all of them ^_^

I often wonder if it wasn’t for KAT-TUN would Kame be a different person today. I believe that people we meet and interact with, no matter if it’s short time or many years, have a big influence on us and it’s up to us how we respond to that. When he was a teenager he seemed very carefree but his love for baseball and family circumstances surely revolved around team work and need for leader that can navigate in that team and at the same time be equal part of it. The way things were happening made him the leader he is today. He took upon himself a big responsibility and takes all the hard things first himself. Often it seems like he is shielding the other members but he also tries his best to make his own popularity into KAT-TUN’s popularity. And despite all the haters and other unfavourable comments he still continues with KAT-TUN.

Kame as an actor has so much to offer especially that he grows with every new role. He makes me wonder if he’ll ever be able to be 100% satisfied with the final result of his work since he is a perfectionist. He makes his characters believable and so much real even if sometimes there are shortcomings in his acting for any reasons. I believe that if concentrated only on acting he would become a really good actor, much better than he is now. I for sure want to see him grow as an actor more.


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