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Entry No. 14 of Kame Project 2019

Kame Project 2019

Let's enjoy reading the entry No. 14 and don't be shy to flail about Kame too XD

Okay, 1st picture.. honestly I spend a lot of time just staring at this picture, because I don’t know what should I write XD. Btw from what year is this picture? I really can’t remember. But from the bracelet Kame using in that picture, I think its from 2009-2011, am I right? In that picture, it’s written that Kame’s favorite time is midsummer. This makes me remember when he was so into surfing. He kept talking about surfing in 2008. And remember docomo CM which Kame was surfing? I really like that CM, Kame looked so cool. Kame ever said that Kimutaku likes to invite him to surf together. Other than surfing, he likes summer because of baseball. There will be a lot baseball events and he also can have BBQ together with his family.

Talking about Kame x summer makes me remember one of KAT-TUN photoshoot which Kame was looking so cute while eating watermelon, hihi. And Maquia photoshoot which Kame posed in front of a car, wore sleeveless t-shirt, short pants, flip-flop, hat, and his cute smile. This year KAT-TUN probably will have summer concert, right? I hope their dream really can come true. KAT-TUN always say they wanna hold summer concert, so I really hope it will be true this year.

In my opinion, this period is the best of Kame. He looked super handsome and so boyfriend-ish around this time. His hair and his body is perfect. I hope Kame will cut his hair like this again one day. In Fact MV is one of the best MV for me, because Kame looked so handsome there haha. This picture makes me remember the making of In Fact when Kame was busy cooking and didn’t have a damn about the game XD. He even said to Maru not to touch his food when he should play against Tat-chan. In Fact making is one of video that I like, but because of Junno I can’t watch this making again. Lately I just watch KAT-TUN 3 nin videos.

Btw, I don’t know how many times I say this, but I always envy everyone especially KAT-TUN members who so lucky can taste Kame’s food. His food always looked so tasty hehe. Other than that I like when watching KAT-TUN together, especially when they are eating together. I can feel that this is home. I kinda understand why Kame want to keep KAT-TUN. I am a hyphen for years now, even though I am busy with my real life or busy with other stuff that sometimes take me away from KAT-TUN, I still come back to them in the end. After years, KAT-TUN becomes the part of my life, and I can’t without them. I really hope KAT-TUN can stay long, really long. And I also hope the “drama” inside KAT-TUN fandom will stop. Especially “drama” about Kame is selfish just because he releases his solo single. Please! KAT-TUN almost reach 15th anniversary and there are still people talking about Kame being selfish? Hmm if he really is selfish he will leave KAT-TUN for real and make a duet with Yamapi or become solo artist since long time ago. As hyphen people should understand already how is Kame. But well stupid people are always around, just I hope they are getting a little bit smart by years haha. I wonder if my hope is too hard to accomplish.

Ahh cichan why you give me Kame’s baseball picture when you know I don’t understand about baseball? Haha. This is from Boku, Unmei no Hito Desu making, right? Well, because I don’t understand baseball and I don’t know what should I write if it’s about it, so I will talk about anything else but still related to this picture. Lately fans keep talking about Kame’s selfie skill. Haha. Both my twitter and weibo full with fans who make fun of Kame, because they think Kame taking selfie with his back camera instead of front camera. But, I have a different opinion about this. I think Kame was taking a video that time.

You know, when I make video for instastory or others which I wanna show my face and the scenery around me, mostly I’m so lazy to change my camera mode from front camera after taking my face to back camera to shoot scenery around me, so I just turn over my phone and shoot the scenery around me using my front camera. Haha. Why? Simply because I’m too lazy to push the change button XD. So I think Kame didn’t take a selfie that time, but shoot the baseball field in front of him using his front camera after he shoot his face. Well it’s just my opinion so I don’t know whether its true or not. Other than that many fans also talking about Kame’s jweb picture, which he edited his selfie so we can’t see the brand of his phone. Haha. He is so funny. I don’t understand why he needs to do this when we already know what phone he uses from the papa picture XD. Kame’s jweb update which he tried to use hashtag is also cute. Haha.

Follow Me concert!! We finally will get the DVD next month!! Thanks to Japan fans who keep send postcard to J&A and begged for it. You guys are the best! Not just Follow Me concert but we also will get Vanilla Kiss and Plastic Tears studio version. Finally after years!!! I am so happy, hehe. Look at Kame’s smile in that picture, ahh he is so cute! Sometimes I forget that he is 33 years old. He really stops aging. His face doesn’t change a lot compare to 25 years old Kame. Magic.

About this concert I am really curious about the VTR. You know, that video Kame with the girl inside the pool. And I wonder if they will include the concert when Yamapi came. It will be great if they include this. From this picture, I can see that Kame never changes. The core is still there. Look at that black leather bracelet. Kame has already worn that bracelet since long time ago, since KAT-TUN has not debuted, he still keeps it, and still wears it. This kid never changes. I feel so warm inside. Mom, I love him!!! XD.

The 1st thing catches my eyes from this picture is both of Kame’s rings. There were many rumors about both of the rings. The skull ring, I think everyone knows about it. The other ring maybe not many fans know. The point is, both rings seems Kame’s favorite. Kame still wears both rings even now. This picture is from Kami no Shizuku, right? Drama that not many people liked because they said it’s too hard to understand, but I like this drama, because of this drama I start to like drinking wine.

In this picture, Kame’s eyes looked so sharp. Like it looks through you. Kame’s eyes really beautiful. I can’t stop staring at those eyes. You know, if I look into old pictures of Kame and KAT-TUN I can help to think that it has been years I am in this fandom. I feel like it’s just yesterday I found KAT-TUN and tried to search all videos and files about them. How shock I am when it’s hard to get their videos, haha. When I got them, not all the videos had sub. But even I don’t understand the meaning, I still watch them, and try to understand using my heart haha. I also got to know a lot of fellow hyphens, even though mostly of my friends already left fandom. I kinda miss them, but it can’t be helped, right? I just want them to know that I am happy we met in this fandom and I had a lot of good times with you guys. :’)

Kame to Yamapi, everyone favorite couple! Haha. I really love them!! They are so cute together! Have you guys read all the repo about them during new year? So so cute!! They spend almost 48 hours together, from dawn to dawn, haha. And Yamapi drove with Kame!! They went to Lili-san’s house together!! How sweet.. haha. As fangirl I hope they can end up together, lol. Excuse my delulu mind. I am sorry, but just can’t help to think if they are real, they will become super-HOT and DAMN RICH couple, haha. I am really glad they can be close again. Yamapi said how Kame is always there when he is in his hard time. Kame too said the same thing. And what funny how Yamapi start to call Kame as his best friend to partner to soulmate, haha, I wonder what next will Yamapi call his relationship with Kame.

Another good thing after they reunited is their fans support each other. Last time Yamapi released CD, Kame’s fans helped sweeties to buy Yamapi’s album, and now Kame will release his solo single, sweeties already said they are gonna buy it to support Kame. It’s nice, right? Having someone who has the same work field as you is nice. Especially as idol, many nights they spend in loneliness, if there’s someone you can rely on, you can share what inside your mind, is really nice. That’s why I’m really glad Kame and Yamapi have each other. I hope one day they can release single together again. Have concert together, and have project together again. Just don’t take it too long please, I will die if I need to wait 12years for Kame to Yamapi come back, hehe.


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