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Entry No. 12 of Kame Project 2019

Kame Project 2019

Let's enjoy reading the entry No. 12 and don't be shy to flail about Kame too XD

Dear Kame,

                    I´m writing this to you to say thank you. I have been following you since more than 10 years ago and I always admire your courage to surpass all the obstacles and your wisdom when you speak to others. Thank you for being an inspiration for many fans around the world.

I knew that smile in Nobuta wo Produce, you have been one of my favourite actors since the first time I watched it. I´m proud of all what you have been achieving all these years.

KAT-TUN´s music and music videos are always so good. Thank you so much for fighting for KAT-TUN.

You changed your dream for another dream, it was a big decision to make but is great to see you happy as idol and that is the reason many people around the world could know about you, I´m a fangirl from Argentina who is forever grateful that you became an actor and singer.

Whenever you feel alone or sad, think that you have many people cheering for you always.

I hope Kame, Ueda and Nakamaru can stay together for many years; your friendship is something unique. Thank you to all of you for all your hardwork and for being there for the fans.


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