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Entry No. 8 of Kame Project 2019

Kame Project 2019

Let's enjoy reading the entry No. 8 and don't be shy to flail about Kame too XD

First: The Excuse

My the most favorite idol, nothing else. I really can’t fully understand why I always still into them over this past 9 years. Its toooo long! Wonder why I never be tired watching over them.  I’m still wondering often until now and come with some excuse.

Remembering back then, I start to know them when they were 5 members group in Spring, 2010 because of Kamenashi’s drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.  And then, I massively downloaded and listened all KAT-TUN’s singles and albums since their debut. That time I hadn’t in to their fandom yet. I tried my best to search their name on google. In 2011, I completelly become KAT-TUN’s  stan. My first downloading live performance was PERFECT with sakura tree as the background and white outfit. Yeah, I still remember it!

Becomes Johnnys Idol fan is very very very difficult. Especially for international fan like me, I totally zero about how to access them with my own way, until now though.  Something like ‘iya na kanji’ or I don’t want to make difficult to other fan for just ask help, maybe because I don’t know them personally, I always have that kind of feeling. I had much frustrating time when I want to download their concert and bangumi that time. Because I have to make my own livejournal, I have to join many community, waiting for their acceptance, or has so many condition that must be fulfilled, dead link everywhere, no subbed, etc. Maybe I got this many grey hair because one of them! Hahaha jyoudan. This day so much better but fewer active communities and subbed communities. So sad.

Speaking of their bond, with this complicated drama following over this past 13 years of them since their debut, such a long journey! I totally can’t understand and can’t explain it surely. Yeah until now all about their bond always grey-ish feeling. With 3 ex member was got ride of their existence in KAT-TUN, and the other 3 decided give their best to make this group still alive, when remembering those days until now my heart still getting heavy and always afraid of their future. My brain just tell to my heart that even you still have belief on them, don’t always expect too high about them, just support them with all your heart as long as one of them don’t have their individuality and ego to abandon KAT-TUN again, it is much enough. Because you know, a girl always uses her heart first towards anything.

KAT-TUN forever has very very special part in my heart. Everything about them is treasured item.  I always proud of them, especially the three who stay with hyphens’ side. They give me a dream, a dream that I can’t ever imagine before I knew them. They give me the courage so I can get away my worries and afraid for the sake to see them live. For the first time in my life, I went  abroad 4000 miles far away from my hometown. They give me so much heart throbbing and excitement when I see them together. They give me so many memories, from happiest things until the saddest things. Until now too I sometimes have tears for them, many kind of tears. How much I miss them lately, what about their future, how I can go through this fandom so far.. I just love them so much. I just love them being together! This is so funny, I even laughed at myself. I always have thankful feeling towards them, because one of from them my heart always warm and I can be kind with people in my life. I make sure that I always forever at KT’s side, be a Hyphen to support and cherish them with all my heart.

Second:  Mixed Feeling

Like a puppy or kitten, it’s give me the feeling, so cute, soft and adorable but still I can feel the beauty.  Kamenashi is like a girl, even he is more beautiful than the real girl, I think. One of his charm: mecha kucha kawaii. I always find his cuteness in every behavior he always -with conscious or not- show to us. His way of talking, his gesture, his face expression, fans always looking for his cuteness.  It’s very hard to resist.

I guess why I always have this kind of mixed feeling when I see his photoshoots. I really can’t get a right answer, why this kind of person can exist in this world, he has many kind of persona, like kawaii-kakkoii-handsome-utsukushii-eroi-talented human being. How can he manage all that of different persona at the same time? It’s still a mystery until now, I’m very curious.  Sugoii desu yo,kono hito! Hontou ni. Until now I can’t find another person as gorgeous as Kamenashi. Maybe I am too much and Kamenashi-centric but it’s what I’m feeling.

Third: The Ero-ness

I can remember clearly from where the picture is! This picture is absolutely from Kiss Kiss Kiss era. I still get attached with his ero feeling. Sasuga, Johnnys Sex Symbol!!

As Johnnys Sex Symbol, He often shows his sex appeals. Being asked or not. Kamenashi is always being fun and kind with all people in showbiz world if they sometimes asked him for doing something like this or that. Sometimes he is a bit shy and embarrassed, but I find it so cute and funny. Watching him like that, to be honest I kind of embarrassed   but at the same time I often laugh and praise him.

He is really aware of ero kanji of his existence. His face expression, his behavior, his words, his part of body. He really loves to tease his fans with his ero-ness. He absolutely knows that his fans always be pleasured with his teasing and will get into his fans heart perfectly. Bang bang baby!

Fourth: Refreshing

I want to pinch his checks (because his smile is too cute, I can’t!) and his arm (so squishy!!) every time I see this picture. Somehow I most like to see Kame or other two KAT-TUN member in nature and daily photoshoots with refreshing feeling. Handsome-ness level up!

He always has his kind of smiling face. Sugoku sawayakana hito. Nothing has changed from year to year. Even if his hairstyle has changed, he is being chubby or more wrinkles on his face. With his smile and laugh I began to adore him.

I like his image of being an idol. He is a person who can easy get along with many people. He is very enthusiastic with many object not only with the object he loves the most. Talking a lot in positive way of course and good in the way of listening someone else. I’m always wondering why Yamapi can have that feeling of grateful of being friend of Kamenashi, maybe because of his behavior, very confortable to have talk with him. Good Job, Kame!

His smile and sound of laughter always make my heart warm and flutter. I always smiled and laughed back at him. Somehow I simply just want to be in his side, seeing his casually interaction with other people, sometimes laugh and smile, sometimes frowned want to know, sometimes has a hard face, I’d love to see his rollercoaster of emotion. But I don’t want to see his angry or guilty or sad face, that makes my heart feeling blue in an instant. Ok, that is only happened in my imagination, too far too be realized. But I always watching over him in my self-creatured world, and it has been interesting! Choo tanoshii.

Fifth: Youthful

I have a less memory of him when he was still in junior era or pre-debut or even some years after debut!  But looking it back, I think he was pretended to be cool like most teenagers at his age, always kawaii, a bit ugly sometimes. Kamenashi at his junior or teenager’s era, I think I don’t like him as much as right now. Hahaha, because his face is too oval, his body is super thin, his eyes is too small and his hairstyle sometimes makes me laugh so hard. Gomen ne, anata.  Kamenashi at that age really much like that kind of skull pattern on his wearing. Such like t-shirt, belt, ring, necklace, and other things. Maybe because of KAT-TUN’s image or he is really get into skull thingy. But sure he was one of beautiful, cute, and cool boy at that time.

He really has big changes now of his appearance. No, I’m sure he didn’t do plastic surgery on his face or other body part. Some people has assumption and judging like that and make the rumor spread back then, it’s so disgusting and harsh. I think people can have changes in their appearance because of puberty, ages, styling, and lifestyle, so does Kamenashi. Of course, Kamenashi has so much blessings since he was born into the world, even his birth itself is such a special blessing to this world.

Sixth: Beautiful

As Ueda has noticed before, Kamenashi is always beautiful, forever. Atari mae.

I always have this feeling when I see his face. No doubt his face is one of beauty existence of Japanese man. Fit perfectly with his fashion of style, his shape of face, and his hairstyle. His beautiful is never aged I feel. I still can find his aura recently as beautiful as his old days. Sasuga Johnnys idol.

Speaking of beautiful, not only can be seen or valuated from the physics aspect but the other aspects are important too. His mind and heart are also beautiful, I think. He still has his responsibility toward his group and fans, he is thinking not only his fans but all KAT-TUN’s fans too. He decided to go ahead together as KAT-TUN member in the future, he has positive vibes even though it’s so hard for the group. Don’t even dare to break the rules, Kame!

His hardworking towards his individual works and as a group is beautiful too. His passion being sportscaster and baseball related things, make me proud. I can witness his hardworking beautifully when I see their concert for the first time in my life. That scenery of their concert, the colorful of light stick shaking excitedly by fans, the screams all over venue, dancing, singing, playing with many stuffs, his smile and laugh, his sweat and husky voice, his happy and satisfied face, everything I saw at that day was very beautiful, so much filled with love. Please, continue it!


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