Hello, I am ci-chan ^^
I am from Indonesia, a beautiful country with many tropical islands, cultures, and friendly people :D
I am a sensitive girl, easy to cry, caring, and simple. I don't have tolerance for people who don't respect anyone, especially bashing people.

I like 3 groups in JE : KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, and Snow Man. I am dying or drooling over Kamenashi Kazuya XD
He is my inspiration and the source of my energy boast because every time I see his pics, watch his vids, listen to his music, and even texts about him, always  make me smile. He's a hard working man and independent. Such a charming man with many talents, and he has given with such a great heart and manners ^^ who can resist him, right? XD

And from the end 2020 until now, Fukazawa Tatsuya or Fukka from Snow Man has stolen my heart too. I loooooooove him so much. He is like my energy booster! So lovely and lively. I am happy to be his bucin <3

I fill my free time with fangirling, well not all the time, I enjoy writing fics about Akame and Ryoda when I can. That's fun and because of that I get friends which first is my readers. Don't you think it's great? I feel so grateful :)
Moreover, to share the same interest or share/talk about our problems/feelings/hobbies to friends despite how far we are or not once we see/meet each other, somehow we create strong bond here, really make a true meaning of friendship which don't care about distance or who you are. We are one (okay, I watch too much The Lion King series. *hides*) XD

Aside from my fangirling over JEboys. I like anime, manga, yaoi, Japan dorama and music, drawing, felting, cooking? hehehe
So don't be surprise if I post something that doesn't have anything to do with JE fandom ><

So, if you want to be my friends, fangirling with me, talk to me, or everything that's fun and positive, you can add me ^^
I just want you to tell me a little about yourself with leave a comment here.

For reminders before you add me :
- This is my personal journal. Don't add me for my fics or layouts because I already created community for that.
- No bashing, trolling, stealing.
- My life isn't perfect, there will be some sad posts
- That's all.

Thanks and have a nice day

ci-chan ♥
love kame

Calendar 2021

Hello everyone!!

Happy New Year <3
I wish we are blessed with great health, happiness, and success in 2021!

Here are some calendars I made with all the love I have for them and I am happy I can share them with you all :)
I hope the calendars can brighten your days <3333

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